Media & Events

The foundation works to create and support events that are dedicated to the raising mental health awareness.


Events may include:


  • Organization and sponsorship of leadership clinics built around the athletes.
  • Organization and sponsorship of mental health awareness events.
  • Organization of inclusive wrestling tournaments that also build mental health awareness.
  • Fundraising activities.



Vienna Take it to the Streets Walking Challenge:


Take a walking tour of your town, on your own schedule and at your own pace to raise awareness for Mental Health! The Eric Monday Foundation has partnered with Focused Image and RPG Squarefoot Solutions to create a walking map of the Town of Vienna.


These poster size maps will be available for pick-up starting Friday, May 21st at the following local businesses in Vienna:  Greenheart Juice, Social Burger and Vienna Inn. Walking can do wonders for your mental health.  It improves your self-perception, sleep and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.


We challenge you to get out with your family and friends and on each walk highlight the streets on the map until you have walked every street in this town!


P.O. 2342 Box, Vienna VA 22183

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